Tuesday, May 6, 2014

 I have a new bog at http://gailheartoflove.wordpress.com/.  I hope you will join me there. 

Love,  Gail

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I would travel the world
to find you a potion
you could drink it at bedtime
and wake knowing
how wonderful you are

 Initiation Consecration
brought down to my knees
rising again
again and again
will of spiritual steel
calling all angels
hear me now
let us fight this age old battle
baptize me and sanctify me
and call my spiritual name
lift me and remember me
as I walk this path of fire

I grieve for the delicate child
born into an indelicate circumstance
how the gods smiled on me the day I was born
and blessed me
with a most beautiful mother
her eyes looked into mine
and mine into hers
and we were one
locked into a most beautiful dance
of give and take
of love and remembrance
what heavenly star shined on me
allowing my mother to perceive the glow
illuminating from her tiny daughter’s soul
what spark of fate breathed me into this world
and into my mother’s arms
bestowing on us such a powerful recognition
I can not claim to understand
a blessing such as this
but the imprint was indelibly made
on this most delicate child
when I heard and felt my mother say


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

turn the ancient key
of power
and step into
the now
reawaken and reclaim
the alchemical golden magic
the power of love
and truth
speak the ancient language
of the heart
and call forth
the symbolic mystical application
forged by the heart, power and will
of the feminine
pronounce it
and announce it
feel it
breathe it
and will it
so be it

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I have been here before
I know this territory
it is bleak and dry and barren
I am alone
with my thoughts
and my fears
I toss and turn
on my bed of sorrows
all night long
the morning comes
and there is no reprieve
I am left with
but my will
and my faith
and it is more than enough

Fall into the mystery
stand upon the edge
and don't look back
wipe the tears shed for the old
and take a deep breath
and fall
eyes open wide