Thursday, July 29, 2010

On Becoming A Grandmother

During these chaotic times, miracles abound, and through one of these most incredible miracles I have become a grandmother. My granddaughter Lila came to me from across the world. She came on the breath of a prayer. She came through the love we had for her from the moment we knew she was to be ours. She came through the faith in this knowing that no matter how long and difficult the journey, she would one day be home and fall into the arms of a family that loves her beyond all measure.

How can I describe this incredible experience? How can I explain a love that has expanded our hearts and our lives beyond anything we ever could have imagined? This blessing, this merging of hearts and lives is heaven sent and is in the truest sense the meaning of oneness. This babe, from a world far away, this magnificent child, has awakened this family to much that has been sleeping. For asleep in some ways we all are, until the universe provides us with an experience that takes us beyond anything we ever knew. It is precisely this kind of golden opportunity that awakens us to the true meaning of life.

This love has no name. This love has no color. This love has no place. This love is infinite in nature and is that which has created the universe. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It is beyond time and space. It is the origin of all, pure and natural and vibrating with a kind of joy that is found only in this unique and incredible kind of experience.

I am an open and loving being. I love with all my heart and soul, and yet I am amazed and thrilled by the power of my love for this child. I am humbled and awakened. I am filled with her embrace and anointed by her kiss. I am lifted by her laughter and reborn through her beautiful eyes.

Yes, this is a miracle. It is the miracle of love. It is the kind of love that unifies and magnifies. It is the kind of love that takes you beyond anything and everything you ever dreamed. This is the love that we have forgotten. This is the love that ends all separation. This is the love that if each and every person upon this planet could feel, it would end all war.

I am thankful to be lifted by this love, to be guided by this love, and to be one with this love. I wish that the remembrance of this love would enter each and every heart, for I know that only then, will the true meaning and feeling of oneness and peace ever return to earth.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The New Earth

In a world divided we come together
heart to heart and hand to hand
breathing in the divine emanation
of love and faith and peace everlasting
filling our hearts with this heavenly love
and breathing our intention
upon our land and her people
breathing it out to every tree and every rock
to every body of water to every bird and every bee
blessing ourselves and our brothers and our sisters
expanding our intention beyond illusionary boundaries
riding the waves of our multidimensionality
opening our hearts to our sovereignty and divinity
illuminating all that has been hidden and forgotten
and emerging as one in the light of the new earth

The Garden

When we were in the Garden
we bowed to one another
and made a sacred vow
that somewhere out of time
our hearts would send a golden light
and we would then awaken
to the memory of the Garden
and the vow that once was taken
and hand in hand we'd find our way
on this golden light of love
and bow once again in circles of heaven
to the memory of the Garden

Oh Heavenly Star

Oh heavenly star
guiding light
of love and hope
light my path
and guide my way
illuminate my heart
and magnify my soul
may I serve humanity
and offer myself
through the heart of love
and the grace of Heaven

I Have Chosen

artist Sally Mergenthaler

I have chosen
to stand in my power
I have chosen
to speak out and sing
the song of my birth
the song of my destiny
the song that connects me
to every living thing
I am awakening
I am emerging
powerful woman
as strong as the sea
see me shining
see me most radiant
for I have chosen
to remember and be
powerful and glorious
knowing and compassionate
woman reborn
in my choice to be free