Friday, October 21, 2011

For Our Beloved Animals

Witnessing that photo of the animals in Ohio breaks my heart. I can only hope that they gave their lives to shock our hearts into the remembrance that we are all one and that every life upon this planet is precious and irreplaceable.

Feel every animal upon the planet

connecting their hearts to one another and to you

feel the power in this gift magnificent

this oneness acknowledged, this memory of love

feel the energy of each and every species

from the mountains and valleys

from the desert and the sea

all merging together as each breath becomes one

as the breath of the lion becomes one with the dove

as they dance in the sea, as they soar up above

as they move upon the earth emanating love

they come ever forward sending their message

from every corner of this bountiful earth

breathe in the wisdom of the animal kingdom

see and feel one universal heart

the heart of the kingdom ascending in love

and the ascension shall be in the merging of hearts

and the kingdom shall bow and rise upon this truth

until every breath and heart unites

and the kingdoms of heaven and earth become one