Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today I Am Pondering The Fragility of Life

Today I am pondering the fragility of life.

It feels to me as if more and more people are passing, one right after another. Just in the past week a friend’s mother was struck by a drunk driver while taking her morning walk. Little did she know that she would put on her sneakers that morning, walk out the door and never return home.

The cook that has worked in the kitchen where my mother lives for over ten years fell with a massive heart attack. He had no idea there was a thing wrong with him. These kinds of sudden unexpected deaths are so shocking and traumatic. It makes you stop and realize that at any moment your life could be over, no warning, just suddenly over and for a time you put things into the perspective that they always truly belong in.

What is it that matters? What kinds of things do you spend your time worrying about? Will any of it matter at all in the end? It is so perfectly clear at times like this. Nothing much really matters and yet everything matters. Nothing much, like the bills you agonize over. Nothing much, like who said what to hurt your feelings. Nothing much, like you feel overworked and under appreciated. Nothing much, like what you wish you had or didn’t have.

Nothing much really matters.

And yet everything matters.

Everything you do matters, everything you say matters, everything you think matters. How much you allow yourself to love matters. How much you allow yourself to be loved matters. Who you let in and who you keep out matters. Gratitude matters. Kindness and gentleness and tolerance matters. Generosity, forgiveness and open mindedness matters. Hope and courage and truth and integrity matters. Prayerfulness and mindfulness and the oneness of all matters and on and on and on...

Today I am pondering what doesn’t matter and today I am pondering what matters.

Today I am sending prayers for all those passing and all who remain.

Today I am pondering the fragility of life.

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