Friday, October 23, 2009

The Fall

The fall can be hard and seemingly endless

and the fear shall try to win you and take you

it's voice so loud it is all you can hear

but the soul is constantly whispering softly

and heaven is always ever so near

breathe with the wind and smile at the moon

flow like the sea and rise like the sun

for the natural world shall support you and comfort you

through every illusion and trial that you fear

breathe in the essence of the natural world

breathe in the flowers the birds and the trees

breathe in the memory of all that you are

divine and beautiful powerful and knowing

you are more than your body

you are more than your fear

you are shining and strong

you are your own force of nature

working in harmony with heaven and earth

living and breathing your true divine nature

emanating truth, power and freedom

radiating love, wisdom and compassion

fall out of fear and into your heart

breathing in all the love that surrounds you

fall into love, fall into truth

breathe yourself up beyond all illusion

breathe yourself back into remembrance

that all is divine and love conquers all

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