Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Sisters and Me

Mara Berendt Friedman

releasing the past
honoring the present
yearning to see
what the future may bring
joined together
by a vow most holy
forged long ago
and meant to be
a unifying bond
of truth and remembrance
beacons of light
on a stormy sea
hand in hand
we step ever forward
heart to heart
we learn to speak
soul to soul
we encourage and enlighten
ascending in love
my sisters and me


  1. Beautiful... come See what I posted just Now...

  2. Thanks Doreen. I took a look at your blog. Incredible pictures and beautiful poetry. Lovely to connect with you.


  3. I, too, began my relationship with her with a series of visions and knowings that lead me to believe I walked with her and Yeshua in one life. I was contacted by Mary Magdalene and began to work with her more closely in 2003, bringing in a project called Crystal Seeding. 2 years ago, she asked my sister Mary Angelico and I to do a portrait for her, she wanted it called "Mary Unveiled." We went through our own unveiling as part of the living process of bringing her portrait in. When it was finished we called it "Living Mary." She told us the activation is in her eyes as you look at it. You can find it here: . It is wonderful to meet another sistar connected through our beloved Mary. I asked her once how she felt about all the different ways people were telling her story. She said she was very happy and pleased because it was getting word out about her and most important what she represents. She said it was time. She gave us a beautiful message about the what it means to be a "Mary" today. In the ancient times, Mary was a calling. Much love to you and all the Marys'