Friday, June 25, 2010

Call of The Dolphins and The Whales

artist Peter Christiansen

Freedom dwells only in equality. Those who exist in the sea emanate a loving vibration of freedom, their purpose to imbue us with the joy and exultation that freedom brings. Our hearts leap with joy as we bear witness to their majesty. Our souls remember what joy is found in unbridled playfulness.

There is spiritual nourishment where the sea and sky meet. There is magic where the sea and sky meet and the majestic ones play. There is hope and wisdom riding on their backs. There is honor and nobility in their eyes. There is love of family as they glide side by side, all elements of nature harmoniously existing and serving humanity.

As we move through this most crucial time, these keepers of light and knowledge call to us, sing to us, blessing us with all that they are. They are calling us home. They are awakening our hearts. They speak the language of universal love. They ride the waves of multidimensionality. They beckon us to remember we are one heart, one world, one magnificent creation, born to remember love. They are ever so joyfully willing to commune with us, connecting our hearts to the sea and the sky and to each one of them. They are aiding us in ways that are beyond our comprehension at this time.

They call us forth now to meditate upon the sea, the sky, the sun and the moon, to breathe in the stars of heaven and to merge with our ancient and wise brothers and sisters of the sea as humanity strives to restore balance on earth.

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